The MB256 LED Sorter combines high speed, high accuracy, and low cost of ownership with an economical price. It is suitable for most medium- and low-power, top-view LED packages with short conversion times.
Its special sorter design avoids unit mix, prevalent in most other designs. This special design also allows for a very high speed, even for larger units, like 5353. The bins can be assigned dynamically or statically to the sorting categories. The MB 256 is available with many options: as 128 or 256 bin sorter, with single or double test sites for electrical and optical tests, with vision check, RFID bin identification and automatic label printer, and so forth. We are also well versed in the integration of many standard LED tester hardware enabled by our own tester software.
The MB 256 LED sorter is complemented by our taping platforms MV 160 with its economical design geared towards high-mix applications or the VN 200 platform for high volume taping. Both machines come with extra test, laser marking and vision options.


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