Test Handler

The VN 200 is our high-speed rotary platform for all test and packaging options. The turret comes with 20 or 24 fingers, depending on the options chosen and the size of the unit. The standard setup with 4 test sites can be altered by opting for a laser marking, vision station, additional output module or optical test site.

The VN 200 runs stable at a maximum speed of 44k UPH. The multiple parallel test sites significantly reduce the impact of the test time on the throughput of the machine. Other additional options, like the vision inspection are added on a sub-turret to allow higher speeds. The high-speed laser marking option is as well designed to reduce the throughput impact as much as possible.

The platform is well-tested and constantly upgraded over the years. The turret design is a core design element of many of our machines. We can therefore offer you an extremely stable platform with high throughput, low operating costs, high flexibility and low down-times at an economical price.

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